Former Blackbriar Regulatory Services Employees Team up to Form New Regulatory Consulting Agency: Accorto Regulatory Solutions

Today former key managers from Blackbriar Regulatory Services, a Richmond, Virginia based regulatory and contract manufacturing firm, formally announced the establishment of Accorto Regulatory Solutions, LLC, a separate organization focusing on regulatory consulting and dossier submissions in the regulated product industries. In December 2021, the owners of Accorto completed a management buyout of certain assets and IP of BRS following the discontinuation of Blackbriar’s operations.

“We’ve worked with incredible clients for years, working tirelessly to ensure their PMTA’s get through the process and keep their harm reduction products on the market.” said CEO Tom Beaudet, “After all the time and work our team has put into these applications, we’re happy to have the opportunity to continue to see those through.”

Accorto was able to recruit many of the scientists, regulatory experts, consumer research analysists and regulatory writers who were a part of the original team, including former BRS CEO Russ Rogers, who will be acting as the Executive Director of Business & Strategy Development for the new firm.“Over the past few years, we had truly built a winning team.” said Jason Krull, Chief Operations Officer, “With Accorto, we are excited to be able to maintain our team of experts to continue to support these critical industries.”

Accorto Regulatory Solutions plans to carry on the mission of helping small to midsize companies bring their FDA regulated products to market and intend to serve many of the same industries their team members had worked with under BRS, including tobacco and medical industries. However, they are quickly expanding their service offerings to include a wider assortment of research and analytical services in those spaces. “We are excited to say we are currently in the process of launching a foundational study on switching efficacy and the role of flavors in the ENDS industry, a critical multifaceted research study to directly address recent FDA requirements for PMTA submissions” said Dr. Vince Angelico, Chief Scientific Officer at Accorto “This unprecedented study aims to provide clear data demonstrating the effectiveness of ENDS products as a tool for assisting adult smokers in transitioning from combustible cigarettes. A study of this magnitude is going to be critical in the APPH argument for our PMTA clients, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”

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